Syncshield for door cup / 4pcs

Product ID: pfc-dc

Scratch guard film for door cup. 



Syncshield for door cup / 4pcs 100mm×105mm


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Have you ever seen such a scratch?

Scratches around the door cup.

Solution is porishing.

But... After a while scratched again.

Is it can be solved!?
"A magical film" is completed.

As you can see!!

Even if you rub with a wire brush …

Not scratch!!

Not get damaged even if it rubs strongly.

"Is it difficult to use?"

I agree…

It's hard to use a flat film.
Because the door cup resembles a bowl.

So developed a film that anyone can easily use!

Thanks to this cut, it fits perfectly to a curved cup like a bowl!

And because the three cuts are downward, it is convenient for drainage.
Even beginners can use it with confidence.

・Depending on the "depth" of the door cup, some gaps may occur in the slit area.
・Please do not use it for repair parts such as repainting.
 It may damage the painted surface when peeling it off.

After use, there is no risk of scratching your car when opening and closing the door.


It is popularly called PPF taken from the initial letters of Paint Protection Film. The purpose of PPF is to protect the body surface, prevention of fading colors and scratch protection, etc.

Most PPF products are from the U.S. and the manufacturers are limted. Within such industry, Syncshield was developed in Japan by SENSHA in cooperation with several Japanese film related manufacturers and will be the new flagship product of the SENSHA Brand.

Compared to other popular products in the market, Syncshield has many unique performance enhanced features added. Its on a performance level of its own.


Generally, PVC or TPU was used as the base material (film) for PPF. The positive for PVC is the low cost of production. On the other hand, the negative is the weak weatherability, not much fit as the material for PPF.

Repair test(heat gun)

Repair test(hot water)

High transparancy is a must for basic feature. We strongly focused on high transparency upon development in order to keep the texture of body colors different by each model. No one will notice that PPF is applied and being unnoticed is a very important basic feature for a PPF.

Syncshield's urethane film was developed focusing on the suppleness to follow the sophisticated tertiary curved surface of a car body. This allowed for application without excessive pulling or additional heat and realized higher durability and anti-chipping performance.

TPU used for Syncshield is a non-yellowing type material with one of the highest quality.