Product ID: 999-20

3-month durability, excellent water repellent glass coating spray type




FINE CRYSTAL 20000ml x1 (Use quantity : 20ml/car)


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From beginners to experts, everyone gets the same finishing and qualities.

Fine Crystal contains professional used Glass Coating Agent as the principal component, and enables anyone to execute and form the glass coating layer on a car body. Fine Crystal has been specifically developed to form the glass coating which produces the finest glossy finish like your car is wet without coating unevenness and apply easily as car wash.

Car owners who have tried polymeric agents and car wax however did not obtain satisfactory results, Fine Crystal certainly brings the realization of differences.

Products such as "3 Years Durability Professional Coating" utilized by professionals could make coating film unevenness and this is an irretrievable mistake because Glass Coating Film is high hardness and difficult to remove. Hence, those "professional used coating agents" could not be applied simply.
Superior Coating

Usually polymeric agents for both commercial and business use contain petroleum solvent and this is easily oxidized which cannot be avoided. The coating surface will be, like front glass, oil films after the oxidization. As a consequence of this, conditions of a car are getting worse resulting in collecting dusts, scales and a lack of gloss on the car body. It can be said to car wax as well since it uses "oil content".

Fine Crystal is glass based coating agent and its glass coating is never oxidized and deteriorated.
We manufacture and distribute products. Manufacturer direct sales guarantees Cost Performance and Quality Control.

Fine Crystal is specifically formulated for car owners to be able to produce the glass coating layer and we make the application very easy because we would like car owners to use Fine Crystal every time they wash their cars. Time spent for car washing is enjoyable for car owners and we want to make this time more enjoyable and satisfactory. Fine Crystal does not needs lots of time to apply and there are no professional techniques required hence everyone can produce the same finishing and qualities.
 【1】 If you have on the surface, dust, sand, mud and dirt, rinse with a strong water current.
 【2】 Wash softly with a sponge using car shampoo. I recommend "BODY CLEAN" which is optimal detergent before coating.
 【3】 Wash away by water before dry.
 【4】 Spray "FINE CRYSTAL" on the wet body without wiping the water. Rub and extend it to be well applied vertically and horizontally with the soft sponge.(Pls splay 2 or 3 pushes on each panel)
 【5】 Pour water lightly before the coating becomes dry.
 【6】 Be completed to finish wiping the remaining water on the surface using a cloth.