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3-month durability Water-saving glass coating with only one bucket of water




FINE CRYSTAL LIGHT 400ml x1(Use quantity : 15ml / car)

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What is glass coating?
Glass coating is the latest coating technology to produce glass-hard surface coating film.
It's durability and high protection capability overwhelmingly exceed the traditional 
coating products such as wax, polymers and paint-sealants.
There is no exaggeration to say that it is leading a new era of car coating.

Can deliver benefits

1. Presents glowing gloss on your car body.
2. Protects your car from Ultraviolet and Acid rain.
3. Protects paint surface against Pollution, Chemicals and Bird droppings.
4. Protects from minor Scratches rub by car washing machines and light touches.

Can offer valuable

1. Keep shine and gloss like new car beauty.
2. Simplifies maintenance.
3. Reduce cost and time to maintain its appearance.
4. Clean painted surface keeps long the asset value of the car.
Line up of glass coating products
You can do the coating anyplace.
you can do it far from water.

You can do it with less water.
One bucket of water is enough for it.

Very easy to use. You need only
a bucket and 2 pieces of cloth.
wiping ( due to coating )and wiping (due to off)

Seeing your shining car ,you feel fine! Car wash will become more pleasant.

Limitted water,freindly for Global Environment.
Standing position of FINE CRYSTAL LIGHT
Car coating without water!

We have developed this special coating product specifically for where you don’t have access to a lot of water. It does not require much water at all.

We had many requests from people living in an apartment or units to create a product do not require water.

You may have given up washing your car at home because you do not have access to water.

Of course, washing by water is the best way to get rid of dirt and dust.Our aim for “FINE CRYSTAL LIGHT” is for those people do not have access to water to enjoy caring for their cars at home.
"I want to wash my car,but I have not enough water."

We have received many emails and phone calls from our customers saying they want to clean their cars at home but they don’t have access to large amount of water.

  Many people said they cannot use water for car washing all the time.The car cleaning products without using water was very rare in the past and we could not find in shops.

We have started developing this product based on our customer’s requirements. Our business started from coating car body so we have latest technologies.Traditionally everyone thought car have to be washed by using water. We are not saying this is wrong but at least we have alternatives now. Our Research and Development Team has finally completed this dream product.

We are introducing “FINE CRYSTAL LIGHT” into the market.We have used similar ingredients as our popular “FINE CRYSTAL” ? both products use latest glass coating technologies.Basically you need 2 liters of water in a bucket to dilute “FINE CRYSTAL”

It is very easy to use and popular for ladies and those who never used coating products before.

After diluting the product, use cloth to apply on car body. If you apply it on the body having sand and dust on it,the surface will possibly have scratches. Please remove sand and dust to avoid small scratches


Many countries require us the car care products using less water

We have exported “FINE CRYSTAL LIGHT” to Asian and other countries where they cannot use water to wash cars. A Chinese media was asking many questions about our planning and contribution to the current environmental issues.During the interview, we have realized how much “drinkable” water has been wasted to wash our cars. Most of the legacy car washing products were created based on the wrong understanding of having never ending clean water.

We do not realize the value of pure clean water when we are living in Japan because to us, water is free and should never run out.However, there are many countries do not have this fortunate situation. For some countries, pure water is very valuable for them to survive.Drinkable pure water is very limited in some areas.

In China, there is a plenty of pure water available but this is limited in populated areas.

  We wanted to deliver “FINE CRYSTAL LIGHT” for those countries and areas do not have access to water easily.

As mentioned previously, it is best to use water to remove dust and sand but water may not be available for car washing in the future. We don’t have choice but finding another way,considering protection of global environment.

When using “FINE CRYSTAL LIGHT”, the clarity, luster and lasting may not be the same as water car washing by using “FINE CRYSTAL” but please try it out to minimise the water waste.

The main feature of this product is "easy to use",so it differs in the coating effect from the long durable coating chemicals used in detailers.
The coating effect is somehow limited if there is a rough paint surface conditions on the body surface. When it is the case,please make coating several times,
then you may get the expected effect. Basically, it important for you to remove off deposits, fine scratches and water stain before you start coating.
【1】 Put two cups of this liquid into a bucket
and dilute with about 2L of water.
【2】 Soak the attached cloth into it and gently squeez it.
【3】 Make another piece of attached cloth prepared in damp condition by water .
【4】 Wipe the body surface with the solvent-soaked cloth and wipe it with the water damped cloth. Do the process by each panel. When you finish the last panel,the work will be accomplished.

Batch Information

Application: Automotive body coating
Liquid: Neutral
Ingredients: Fluorine compounds, silicon compounds, water