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5-year durability, professional-use glass coating




CRYSTAL GLOW 5-YEAR COATING 1000ml x1 (Use quantity : 30ml/car)


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The highest quality Glass Coating to captivate car owners' minds.

Crystal Glow is engaged in professional and high-quality car dealers and detailing shops. The greatest feature is to produce the long durable glass coating layer which is high hardness and extremely shiny and glossy with water repellent during its coating durability.

Our R&D for Crystal Glow only focuses on to produce the highest quality Glass Coating hence only the top quality components among all endurance-type coating agents are utilized.

Crystal Glow forms the high purity inorganic glass coating on a car surface. It provides superior glossy looks like your car is wet, antifouling effect and water repellent. Glass Coating Film established by Crystal Glow is high hardness providing greatest protection capabilities.

Easy 2 steps application.

An application is very easy, even for first time users.

Basically, apply coating liquid evenly on a car body with the attached coating sponge and coating cloth and immediately wipe off with the attached basic cloth for finishing.

Crystal Glow is ideal for car owners who require the highest quality professional use Glass Coating.
Once you use this, we are confident that you will be impressed by the real car beauty..

Is it OK for using only water to wash your car?
Recently advertising phrase for coating is “Can keep your car for XX years with water-only-washing”.
It is not true.

Do you think whether asphalt tar or pitch sticking to your car body can be removed completely with water-only- washing?

It is impossible.
Even minor stains such as oily/greasy fingerprints cannot be removed completely with water-only-washing.

Although your car is coated, the oily stains on your car coat cannot be removed with water. Please imagine whether you still need dishwashing detergent for washing your coated dish.

It is a same meaning with your car. Daily care after coating such as car shampoo, maintenance coating is very important.The important thing for keeping your car clean is to often wash your car with car shampoo.

Normally car detailing shops provide expensive coating service but they hardly advise a customer how to maintain a good condition after coating. No daily care, no long-lasting coating.

The service year of durability is displayed as 1, 3, 5 or 8 years but please note that water repellency performance varies on car park environment. Especially parking outside will let dust or dirt adhere more easily. Water repellency performance will gradually drop from the upper part of car such as roof or hood when 6-8 moths have passed.
 【1】 Rinse out dust and dirt with a strong water flow.
 【2】 Wash the car with car shampoo such as “BODY CLEAN” for surface preparation before coating
 【3】 Use a dry cloth to wipe away excess water.
 【4】 Wind application cloth on blue “Coating Sponge”. Apply CRYSTAL GLOW and allow it to penetrate evenly.
 【5】 Divide an area with wide and length around 30cm-50cm and apply the area vertically and horizontally.
 【6】 Don’t allow it to dry. Wipe down with basic cloth immediately after application.
 【7】 Repeat applying and wiping off panel by panel until finish.
 【8】 Do a final check whether the liquid on the paint is completely wiped off or not.