WATER-REPELLENT ACCELERENT 50ml Free Sample First time only max. 1 pcs.

Product ID: 987-005-sample

Gloss and water repellent additive for longterm glass coating




WATER-REPELLENT ACCELERENT 50ml x1 (Use quantity : 15ml/car)


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Advance coating powers.

This product is deployed after coating with Crystal Glow to advance its performances.
Crystal Glow is popular because of its clear-glass-like and gloss-like-wet coating layer and this coating layer can have even deeper gloss and better water repellency with this product.
An application is very simple and It can be used although coating with Crystal Glow done after several months.

Easy 2 steps!
An application is straightforward, apply Water Repellent Accelerant with a sponge and wipe off with a cloth.
From beginners to professionals, everyone can use and get the same finishing.

Applicable products

If you would like to apply this product to where coating with Crystal Glow was done several months before, please wash your car with car shampoo such as Body Clean and wipe off any remaining water completely. Please wash and clean surfaces properly before an application, otherwise it might cause scratches.
Please do not apply this product to plastic and rubber.
When applying the product with a polisher, please use a polishing pad for Water Repellent Accelerant only. Do not use the same polishing pad with other polishing compounds.
Use Water Repellent Accelerant for coating surfaces with Crystal Glow only.

Research and Development
The product developed with our customers.
We are always appreciated our customer reviews and suggestions. Water Repellent Accelerant is one of products we developed with our customers.hing compound.

 【1】 Rinse out dust and dirt with a strong water flow.
 【2】 Wash the car with BODY CLEAN for surface preparation before application.
 【3】 Wipe off the remaining water throughoutly.
 【4】 Put the product on sponge and apply vertically and horizontally.
※Before applying, take Caoting Sponge until the edge firmly.
※When applying the product after coating with CRYSTAL GLOW, start from process no. 4.
 【5】 Please do not let the product sit. Wipe off immediately after applying.
 【6】 Repeat applying and wiping until finishing total paint.
 【7】 Make a final check if there is any area that is not wiped.