Product ID: 986-05

1-year durability, glass coating agent for chrome & metal plating




METAL PLATING CRYSTAL 500ml x1 (Use quantity : 8ml/car)


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・ Restore chrome finish.

・ Easy to use; just apply and wipe off.

・ Protective coating with hard film.

・ Revive the shine of chrome plated car parts.

Protect chrome plated parts and keep shine.

This item is protective coating agent for chrome plating.

It can be used of all chrome plating such as car grill, car door handle, trim or emblem. Since hard protective coating film is created, it can slow car degradation and keep your car parts in deep shine.

The cars recently use chrome plated parts.
When the parts get dull, the entire image of car will down.

Especially Western cars, they have black chrome plating window frame.The car onwers usually worry about the dull ness of th chrome plating.

This coating can be used for all car types.

You can slow car degradation with this coating.
Please try it at once.
IIt lasts more than 6 months with one coating !

This is a coating agent for chrome plating that creates protective film layer like glass
Glossy shine and water repellency lasts more than 6 months.

Since the coating layer is very hard, it can protect your car part from scratch.

After polishing with "METAL PLATING POLISH", please coat with "METAL PLATING CRYSTAL".

■Example1. It is very easy. Anyone can do it !

Ater appying this coating agent on the part and wipe off.

Apply and wipe off... easy-to-use product

The instruction is as follows;

1.Rinse out dirt, mud or dust with a strong flow of water and wash car with car shampoo such as "BODY CLEAN". 2. Wipe off any remaining water. 3. Wind application cloth on blue “Coating Sponge”. Put the product on the sponge and allow it to penetrate evenly.
4.Apply the area vertically and horizontally.
5.Don’t allow it to dry. Wipe down with basic cloth immediately after application.
6.Do a final check whether the liquid on the paint is completely wiped off or not.

  "I want to protect chrome plated parts !"

  "I want to coati chrome plated parts after polishing !"

If so, please try our product.

  • This product can be used for chrome plating only.
  • This product cannot be used for car paint, plastic, rubber.
  • If you use this product while there is any dirt or contamination on the surface, the dirt cannot be removed.
  • Please make the surface in clean condition before coating with this product.
  • Don’t allow it to dry. Wipe down with cloth immediately after application.
  • Please avoid using this product in that place that has direct sunlight.
  • This product is not item for removing any dirt on chrome plating. If you would like to remove any dirt, please follow the below steps.

    Daily car wash with BODY CLEAN
    Remove comtamination such as spray mist with CLEAN CLAY
    Remove dullness and scratch with METAL PLATING POLISH

  • Since this product will coagulate when contacting with air, it cannot be stored after open.

【1】 Rinse out dirt and dust with strong water flow.
【2】 Wash out with BODY CLEAN and do surface preparation as necessary.

【3】 Wipe off any remaining water.
【4】 Roll COATING SPONGE with yellow cloth and put the liquid to the cloth.

【5】 1Apply on chrome plating surface around 10 - 20cm x 10 - 20cm area.
【6】 Wipe off immediately after applying. No need to let it sit.

【7】 Check if you wipe off completely. The work is completed.
Batch Information
Application: coatint agent for chrome plating
Liquid: Neutral
Ingredients: Silane compound, Curing catalyst, Antistatic agent, Mineral spirits