BODY CLEAN (high concentrated) 50ml Free Sample First time only max. 1 pcs.

Product ID: 957-sample

Ultra concentrated ph neutral car shampoo usable for coated car body




BODY CLEAN (high concentrated) 50ml x1 (Use quantity : 5ml/car)


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It is utilized in professional shops.

Body Clean is used in professional detailing or car wash shops world widely and of course used in our detailing shops too. The product has the excellent cleaning power, but also it is safe and easy to use because its pH is neutral.
Fine bubbles and no stains.

Body Clean is excellent in forming fine bubbles to wash car surfaces so they protect car surfaces from scratching while washing car. In addition, anyone can wash cars safely because it is pH neutral hence there is less chance to have stains on surfaces. It is concentrated liquid. One bottle (800ml) provides 60 washes of small cars or 30 washes of large cars. You will experience the differences compared to car washing products sold in shops. You will experience the difference to car washing products sold in shops.
If your car is really dirty or having water stain problems, we recommend using Scale Clean.
 【1】 Wash away dust,sand,mud and dirt with a strong water current.
 【2】 Put some "BODY CLEAN" (appox.13ml to 25ml) into a bucket.
 【3】 Let make bubble much with a strong water current.( You need appox.2L of water.)
 【4】 Wash softly and gently with the sponge.
 【5】 Before dry, rinse thoroughly with water in large quantities.
 【6】 Wipe off the remaining water by a cloth . When you finish to wipe,your work is completed.