SCRATCH CUT (7) 150ml

Product ID: 9167-015

Polishing compound for painted surface to give a shine & glossy like a mirror




SCRATCH CUT (7) 150ml x1 (Use quantity : 15ml/car)


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Restore the original best condition by removing dullness and minor scratches made during washing.
Car body surfaces are getting dull and losing its gloss with ages. The main reason of them is scratches made during washing and wiping. Those uncountable small scratches make paint surfaces look dull and water scales easily occur on the surfaces.

Scratch Cut is the dedicated compound for paint surfaces used by professionals to remove scratches made during washing and wiping. Those scratches can be made by machine wash and even hand wash.

The biggest difference of Scratch Cut compared to other polishing compounds is that Scratch Cut is the non-silicon-type. The majority of polishing products contain silicon in order to have both polishing and gloss effects at the same time. Because of having silicon with compound together, particles of the compound will slip due to the silicon. As a consequence of this, the compound cannot perform its polishing capability accordingly.

Thus, if you want to restore the original best condition of paint surfaces, Scratch Cut, non-silicon-type compound, is necessary.
With the latest and new technology of combining several polishing particles with new manufacturing method.

Scratch Cut is specifically made to perform the quality polishing for car paint surfaces by the new technology of combining several polishing particles and the new manufacturing method. The product can provide the highest capable polishing power that you have never seen before.

Deep scratches and hard water spots could not improve by even machine polishing. That depends on the deterioration of cars surface condition.
Deep scratches and hard water spots could not be improved by whichever hand polishing or machine polishing. That depends upon deterioration and conditions of car surfaces.
If you wish to make gloss on polished surfaces by Scratch Cut, please use Scratch Cut Finishing. The same application method is used for Scratch Cut and Scratch Cut Finishing.
You will have the best match mixture Scratch Cut for your car.

The majority of compounds sold in shops are made for a wide range of cars, means these products are just acceptable for many cars. They may be good but not the best. The painting of cars varies depending on manufacturers and types, years and colors and many others. However, SENSHA believes that it is necessary to use different mixture types of compounds to match various specifications, characteristics and conditions of each car.

It is critical to use the polishing compound suited to your car in order to work effectively and safely. Obviously, you will damage your car by using unsuited products, require more time to complete work and even result in making issues which cannot be fixed. Our engineers deploy 6-8 different compounds properly according to car specifications, characteristics and conditions.

When you purchase Scratch Cut, we will send a form to ask your car information (manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, body color and things and areas especially wanting to improve) and we select the best match mixture of Scale Clean for you based upon the information provided.
If you do not provide information about your car, we will send you one suit for wide range of cars.Please give us the following information when you order.
・Manufactured Year
・Damaged area, section wished to improve
If you do not provide information about your car, we will send you one suit for wide range of cars.
It may take a little longer to ship your product when we are receiving many orders.
 【1】 Please rinse off sand, dust, mud and dirt with strong water flow,
 【2】 Wipe off any moisture and let it dry.
 【3】 Take this solution on the sponge and carefully wipe and polish with it vertically and horizontally.

【Description of step 3 - supplement】
Please polish carefully on the range of appox. 30 cmx 30cm at a time, not polishing all the paneles at a time.(Around 12 areas to be splited on the hood, splited to 4-6 areas on the standard door panel.)You might leave the un-uniformed area if you polish the all panels at one time.At the beginning of polishing it turns white wet with liquid solvents. In this state it can not exert polishing.Continueing the polishing the solvent becomes dry and disappear. Pls coninue polishing untill it becomes to dry and disappear.Polish again by adding the solvent after drying completely.(This will not only cause of the bad finish but also of the irregularity in the finish area if you leave the white and moist condition.)
 【4】 Wipe and dry with the attached cloth lightly.
 【5】 Please wash by using a car shampoo, such as "BODY CLEAN".
 【6】 Will be completed after wiping off the remaining moisture.