GLASS POLISH 80ml Boxed + accessories

Product ID: 818

Polishing compound for car windows to remove watermark




GLASS POLISH 80ml x1 (Use quantity : 15ml/car) / FELT SPONGE x2 / BASIC CLOTH S x1 / MANUAL x1


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You can remove Scale stains,Hard water spots!

The utmost compound to clean front glass!

You can remove the hard contamination including oily film on glass surface!
The product is used in the pro glass shops!

This product is a glass polishing product that is actually used at pro shops and at glass shops.
It has been developed for everyone to use. You can also remove the scaly stains on windows by polishing well.

It is a paste product (not liquid) for easy application,so you are able to apply on the side window glass even if it is vertical.
Some glass stain remover products sold in shops cannot be used for front glass. However this “GLASS POLISH” is able to be used for all glasses including side, rear, sunroof, door miller etc.

If you have used other products but not satisfied, please try it out. You will understand the difference.
The product includes strong glass compound.

The product “GLASS POLISH” was developed to completely remove the stain of scale from glasses. It is a very strong compound for glasses.

Since glass is a hard product, the “scaly” stains on the surface is almost impossible to remove by the compound sold in shops.
It is important to use glass compound to improve the surface of car windows with stains.

By using this “GLASS POLISH” you can improve your car window conditions and love your car more ,having more fun with car washing.
This product works better when you polish well.
It will not work by just wiping the surface gently.


【1】 Dust, sand, mud and dirt, rinse with a strong water current.
【2】 Wipe off the water on the surface by using a attached cloth and dry it.
【3】 Put some GLASS POLISH on a attached dedicated sponge.
【4】 Polish vertically and horizontally on the surface of the glass evenly and uniformly.
【5】 After polishing, rinse it using large amount of water.
【6】 Be completed to finish wiping the remaining water on the surface using a attached cloth.