Product ID: 817-20

Exclusive antifreeze detergent for coated windows dilution ratio 1:5 for -5℃ or 1:3 for -15℃




EXCLUSIVE WASHER FOR WINDOW CRYSTAL 20000ml x1 (Use quantity : 400ml/car)


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No damage for water repellent coating.

You are able to use after coating WINDOW CRYSTAL. You are able to get clean glasses with lasting coating life.

You can use after the other coating chemicals have be applied.
This window washing liquid can be used on the glass with water-repellent coating applied.

This product has been developed specifically for windows with water-repellent coatings on it.

Our customers asked us what types of window washing requid they should use after coating windows.

We understand our customers wanted to protect the water-repellent coatings they have applied.
We have developed widow cleaning liquid that can be used for water-repellent coating surface.

If you have used other products but not satisfied, you may find this product very different to others.
Does not damage water-repellent coating.

We have had many questions from customers using “WINDOW CRYSTAL” product such as;

“Do you have a special window cleaning requid for water-repellent coating?”

“When is it available in the market?”

etc etc・・・

EXCLUSIVE WASHER FOR WINDOW CRYSTAL” has been tested many times to make sure it will not damage the water-repellent coatings.

It took a long time to develop this product but we are very happy with the outcome.

We recommend this product not only for our “WINDOW CRYSTAL” but for all coating chemicals to be applied windows glass.
1.  Please check your washer fluid tank.
2.  Put the liquid into the tank.
3.  Because this product is the solvent concentration, dilute 3 to 5 times by injecting water to meet the car usage environment.
4.  Be complete at the end of the tank cap firmly closed.