WHEEL CRYSTAL 50ml Boxed + accessories

Product ID: 799

1-year durability, glass coating agent for wheel




WHEEL CRYSTAL 50ml x1 (Use quantity : 12ml/car) / COATING SPONGE x1 / COATING CLOTH x2 / BASIC CLOTH S x1 / MANUAL x1


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Dedicated coating agent for wheel. Glass type film-forming agent with ultra-high hardness.

Brings shine like new.

The work easy, even a beginner can.

Can be sustained long-term effect. Protect from dirt and aging..

The dirt is easy to fall after coating.
Ultra hard wheel coating


This product will form hard glass coating to protect car wheels.
One application should last very long time.
It is very different to polishing products sold in shops.

This “WHEEL CRYSTAL” provides the highest grade protection available in the market.Your wheels have less chance to get scratched and provides long term luster.In addition to the usual aluminum wheels, the product can be used to color painted wheels, plated wheels and sputtering processed wheels.

We will be including detailed instructions with photos. It is easy to use for everyone to use by following this instructions.

This product is only available through online shopping and not available from shops.
If you have used other product but not satisfied, you may find this product different to others.
Will not oxidized, will not deteriorated!



Most products available in the market are using oil as base.
If the product contains oils, it will be oxidized and eventually washed by water or rain.

The wheels will start looking dull because of the degraded coating. It will be hard to remove the brake dust when washing.If you leave this, the situation can be worse than before the application.

This product will not oxidized not deteriorated because we have used glass like material as a main ingredients not oil.
Clean first then Coating

The product is resilient to heat and will not deteriorated at 1000 degrees.
Thus this product will last long time to protect wheels from dirt, sand, iron sand and heat.
You will find it easy to clean after you apply this product on wheels.

In addition, this product can be applied for not only the surface of the wheel,
but also the reverse side of it. You can apply it up to 4 large wheels on both sides of the front and back sides of them.


If you apply this product when the wheels are still dirty, you cannot remove the dirt after then.
You will need to clean the wheels completely before you start applying the product
If you have applied wax, you will need to remove this before application. (If you see the water repellent condition on the wheels at washing before application.)We suggest to use our “WAX OFF”to remove wax.
This product is not for cleaning the wheels. Please consider to use products as below.
・For regular cleaning…“WHEEL&TIRE CLEAN”
・To remove iron sand…“IRON CUT”
・To remove brake dust…“BRAKE DUST CUT”
This product will be hardened by contacting air. You cannot keep the product after opening the bottle. Please finish using the product soon after opening the bottle.As to excess solvent, please be sure to discard it.



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