TIRE CRYSTAL 240g Boxed + accessories

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3-month durability, moisturizing & protecting coating agent for tire or rubber material




TIRE CRYSTAL 240g x1 (Use quantity : 4g/car) / DEDICATED SPONGE x1 / MANUAL x1


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Tire coating chemical exceeding tire wax.

Gloss: restore the shine and the black as new tires by blended special high density polymer resin.

Persistence: remain effective for 60 to 90 days.

Safety: as it's solid type, it avoids splashing onto the paint surface when running.

Rubber dedecated coating agent to form a tough protective film by special high density polymer resin.

New development! Coating chemical made specifically for tires.

This coating product has been developed specifically for rubber and tires.
There has been a little development in tire chemicals for decades although it makes a major difference in how cars look after washing.

Due to the development of tire itself, it has been likely occurred that excessive tire wax gets scattered around when driving and causes stains really hard to be removed.

We have reviewed ingredients of legacy tire wax to develop this new tire coating called “TIRE CRYSTAL”.

Main Features
Gloss: A special high density polymer resin creates gloss, looking new, and restores the black colour.
Durability: By using normal car wash detergent, it will last for 60 to 90 days.
Safety: The chemical creates solid coating. It will not cause scattering when driving.
In addition, it does not contain solvent detergent that can be damaging for tires.
Special high density polymer blend

  "TIRE CRYSTAL ", does not contain a surfactant and solvent which cause damage to tires, unlike traditional tire wax.

The product creates a tough and flexible film (by special high density polymer resin) to endure harsh environments around tires. It also creates water-repellent and oil-repellent, antifouling performance and restores the luster like new tires.

It is very different from the legacy tire wax because this product creates solid coating.
You do not need to worry about that it could scatter around and make stains.
Please do not use excessively, it might cause scattering around when driving.
We recommend 1g for one tire. For good completion, please spread it with small amount.
Tips on Tire

Many waxes sold in shops may contain a large amount of surfactants to enhance cleaning power.

If you use this kind of products, it may melt the antioxidants contained in the rubber and create different compound.

This compound has high penetration capability into tire material. When it is over used, the compound will be spread around on car body and make stains on the surface that could be really hard to be removed.

This kind of incident happens more often after the material of tire has been redeveloped. It likely happens more often while tires and car body are new. Car dealers and shops are experiencing the incidents and admitting the cases.
Legacy Wax manufactured by our company
Our three kinds of tire wax do not include surfactant at all or hardly any of it.Therefore, the product will have minimum possibility of melting antioxidants. However please do not use excessively.
【1】 Rinse off dirt or sand, mud and dirt and with a strong water flow.
【2】 Take an appropriate amount of TIRE CRYSTAL onto the sponge. You can coat on one tire by 1g amount.
【3】 Coat it uniformly on tire
【4】 Check if there is the uneven coated surface. If there is,fix it.

Batch Information
Application: Coating agent dedecated for automobile tire
Liquid: Neutral
Ingredients: Special silicone resin, hydrocarbon methane, natural carnauba wax