AQUEOUS TIRE WAX 400ml Boxed + accessories

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2-week durability, tire wax natural glossy spray type




AQUEOUS TIRE WAX 400ml x1 (Use quantity : 40ml/car) / UTILITY SPONGE x1 / MANUAL x1


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Non sticky

Easy for coating.

Making tire’s natural glow
Used in tire professional shops

This tire wax product is used in tire professional shops.
Depending on the purpose or preferences, we have three kinds of wax.

We recommend this product if you wish to experience professional tire wax.
【Aqueous Wax】
Non sticky and easy for coating. It brings up tire’s natural glow. We recommend this product if you do not want to have too much luster.

400ml x 1 bottle (for approx 50 tires)
Utility sponge x 1
【Oil Base Wax】
This product has alcohol as solvent. After application alcohol ingredient volatilizes soon. So the coating is hard scattering. The effective ingredient provides long lasting water-repellent.
400ml x 1 bottle (for approx 50 tires)
Utility sponge x 1
【Oil Base Wax Pro】
This product creates luster on tire just like demo car in car show room & motor shows. As it makes hard film on tire surface, it can bring long durability.

150ml x 1 bottle (for approx 30 tires)
Utility sponge x 2
The finishing depends on deterioration of the tire.
【1】 Rinse off dirt or sand, mud and dirt, with strong water flow.
【2】 Wipe and dry.
【3】 Sprayed directly onto the tire or apply it by the sponge impregnated with the liquid.
【4】 Check if there is too much to coat. If there is,make it even or wipe off.

Batch Information
Application: Glazing coating for automobile tire
Liquid: Neutral
Ingredients: Silicon, non-ionic surfactants, glycol solvents, preservatives, water