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Clay bar for removing contaminations dirt on wheel



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Special of wheels

Solve problem of hard stuck-on dirt and contaminants

Save time and effort
Remove physical contaminants.

"CLAY BAR for WHEEL" is a clay bar for getting stuck-on dirt off the wheels.

Basically when driving, the wheels turn into high temperature and the dirt tends to be stubbornly adhered by heat.

In case of normal dirt, it can be dissolved by solvent. But in some cases, it cannot.

Very stubborn contaminants can be easily removed by "CLAY BAR for WHEEL".

■Example. "Stuck-on dirt after leaving it long time…"

The wheel is the easiest place to get dirty.

If you leave the wheels without cleaning for a while, you can see stuck-on contaminants.

The more time passes, it becomes hard to remove. Early action is the best.

Our company provides wheel care products "WHEEL&TIRE CLEAN", "IRON CUT", "BRAKE DUST CUT". But when you have problem about stubborn contamination, we would like to recommend "CLAY BAR for WHEEL". The instruction is very simple as follows;

1 2 3
1.Wash wheel and rinse out thoroughly. 2. Wet a cloth with plenty of water and wet the dirt with the cloth.
3. Slide CLAY BAR across the wheel surface.

Before After

The stubborn physical contaminants can be removing by this item in short time.
Please note that hard rubbing with CLAY BAR for WHEEL might give damage to wheel surface.

  • “CLAY BAR for WHEEL” is the clay bar for rubbing physical particles off. It may cause minor scratches.
  • The minor scratches can be removed by “SCRATCH CUT”
  • If you care about the minor scratches, we recommend "SCRATCH CUT".
  • If you leave dirt sticking on the wheels for a long time, it might not be removed completely.
Save time and effort for removing hard stuck-on dirt !

"CLAY BAR for WHEEL" is the clay bar developed under know-how of pro shop.

Since softness, abrasive level are adjusted properly, the beginners can also use without problem.

If you have ever felt like this...

  "Cannot remove !"

  "I don't know what to do with this dirt. Give up!"

Your problem will disappear with "CLAY BAR for WHEEL".

Please try at once.

【1】 Rinse out dirt, mud or dust with a strong flow of water.
【2】 Wash with "WHEEL&TIRE CLEAN" and rinse out thoroughly.
【3】 Wet a clean cloth thoroughly and wet the particles with the cloth.
【4】 Slide "CLAY BAR" lightly on the wheel surface.
【5】 After particles and contaminants are removed, wash the car with a car shampoo such as “WHEEL&TIRE CLEAN” and rinse out thoroughly.
【6】 Wipe away any remaining water.

Batch Information
Use purpose: clay bay for removing contamination on wheel
Component: Non-drying non-hardening filler, compound