RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN 50ml Boxed + accessories

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Unpainted plastic parts high concentrated cleaner for bumper & trim




RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN 50ml x1 (Use quantity : 5ml/car) / CLEAN BRASH x1 / MANUAL x1


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Powerful dedecated cleaning set for non-painted plastic mall and bumper.

You can refresh old plastic parts with stuck dirt and wax into as new one.
Removing wax and clean the dirt stuck on the bumper and door strips.

This product has been recently developed only for unpainted plastic materials.

Wax and dirt stuck on unpainted plastic parts is difficult to be removed by normal shampoo wash.
Even when they are hard to be removed, you cannot use strong solvents such as paint thinner. It will damage the materials.

Please try our “RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN ”. This product has been developed for unpainted plastic parts. It will remove the dirt stuck on bumpers and strips.

It is very easy to use. Simply use a sponge and rub it off.
We have included instructions with photos. You do not need to worry when you are using for the first time.
It will be very easy to use.

One bottle will be enough to clean all door strips for 8 cars.

If you have used other products and not satisfied, you should find this product very different.

Wax is stuck on the surface.

After application. Wax has been removed.
Newly developed neutral detergent optimal for mall. Exclusive sponge will be very effective.

“RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN ” is not the same as usual washing detergent.

You will be surprised how clean it will come by using the special sponge and the detergent.

The product has been developed based on experiences at the industry’s leading car care shop in Japan.
Ultrafine fiber will remove the dirt completely!


This product is only for unpainted materials such as strips and bumpers with harsh serface.
It should not be used for door visor and headlight (clear materials).
We recommend our “PLASTIC POLISH” for door visor and head light.

【1】 Dust, sand, mud and dirt, rinse with a strong water stream.
【2】 While construction surface remains wet, take some solution on this brush, rub the dirt parts.
【3】 After the stain is removed, rinse with plenty of water before it dries.
【4】 Wipe the remaining water.

Batch Information
Application: cleaner for car non-paint plastic mall
Liquid: Neutral
Ingredients: Non-ionic surfactants, preservatives, thickeners, water