ENGINE WAX 150ml Free Sample First time only max. 1 pcs.

Product ID: 599-015-sample

Wax protection for plastic parts in engine room




ENGINE WAX 150ml x1 (Use quantity : 25ml/car)


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Engine room, polish and protection.

Restore the deep luster by molecule permeability of new composition.

Sustain the effect in the engine room of harsh environment.
Restore the luster by deep penetration of the composition of new molecules

This product is the dedicated chemical to protect and coat engine room which is able to restore the luster by deep penetration of the composition of new molecules and which has not existed so far.

When we got the glaze of the engine room until now, we had to rub a large amount of wax onto it.
In such techniques, a satisfactory effect for persistence was not obtained and there could come other dirt on it.

For the customers who have been looking for a effective coating chemical dedicated for the engine room. Please try once by all means.
We believe you will satisfy it.
Effective even in harsh environments the engine room has.

Until now,many customers have always used tire wax to coat engine room.

Tire wax could not give satisfactory effect on both sustainability and gloss, because the environment is obviously different.

"ENGINE WAX" has been developed specifically for the protection and coating of the engine room.Has been developed to a much stronger effect in harsh environments that the engine room has.

It can also be used for metals, rubber and plastic products.
The product is our original one. Please expect the performance.
There might cases, such as if the material has deteriorated to the extreme, that the effect is not sufficiently exhibited.
Please note only this point.
【1】 If there is dirt, please remove it in advance.
【2】 Impregnate with this solution into the attached sponge.
【3】 Coat on the part you want to have the gloss with the sponge.
【4】 After the application, gently wipe with a dry cloth.

Batch Information
Application: Engine room wax
Liquid: Neutral
Ingredients: Silicone, non-ionic surfactants, glycol solvents, preservatives, water