ENGINE CLEAN (high concentrated) 18L

Product ID: 519-18

Alkaline cleaner for engine room




ENGINE CLEAN (high concentrated) 18000ml x1 (Use quantity : 30ml/car)


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Dedicated cleaner for engine room.

Removing Completely off dirt with a conventional shampoo can not be removed!

Demonstrate the power of special water-soluble alkaline detergent!
Powerful cleaner for engine room, including the development of newly developed water-soluble solvent special.

Special cleaner for engine room with pecial water-soluble solvents, including the newly developed solvent. Has achieved a strong cleaning power and ease of use never before

The biggest feature can be found in the simplicity of construction.
”ENGINE CLEAN" can be applied to the engine room to remove the dirt by simply washing with a sponge or brush attached.Effort of scrubing rub like so far is not required.

If you are in care of d irt in the engine room, it is one of the product to be recommended.
Dirty easily fall in the penetration of alkaline components

"ENGINE CLEAN" will be dedicated engine room cleaning agents. Compared with the shampoo for the body, you need a dedicated cleaner to clean the more dirty engine room.

Addition to the components required for cleaning of the engine room,you can remove stains with the alkaline penetration power.You are able to completely remove grease and oil stains deposited with dust by washing gently with a sponge or brush.

State and dust contaminated with oil before work.

Complete removal of the dirt on plastics, paint, and metal parts.

As cleaning power of the "ENGINE CLEAN" is very powerful, and plastic products and rubber products in the engine room could have discoloration.
During construction, wash away with water as soon as possible with respect to products such as Plastic and rubber.
You can not use on the plated parts.

【1】 Removing sand dust, mud and dirt by rinse with strong water flow.
【2】 Spray this solution into the sponge and sufficiently impregnated.
【3】 Softly rub the areas of concern of contamination with the sponge impregnated with this solution.
【4】 After falling dirt and rinse with water before dry.
【5】 Wipe off the remaining water.
【6】 Make sure there is no dirt left. If no, the work is finished.

Batch Information
Application: cleaner for car engine room
Liquid: Alkaline
Ingredients: Non-ionic surfactant, limonene, inorganic salts, chelating agents, water