LEATHER CLEAN (high concentrated) 150ml Free Sample First time only max. 1 pcs.

Product ID: 419-015-sample

Neutralized cleaner exclusive for leather




LEATHER CLEAN (high concentrated) 150ml x1 (Use quantity : 60ml/car)


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Professional leather cleaning products and systems.

No damage the leather as neutral.
Professional leather cleaning products and systems

In the care of leather seats, there would be many owners of worries?
This product is a leather cleaning agents that are used in the pro shop actually.
In addition to the components of this liquid, you can use with the included sponge, they will make a effective cleaning that was not up to now.

By floating in the liquid component of this solution the dirt which is clogged on the leather surface, simply rub lightly with the sponge. In the removal of dirt you can feel so much it makes! "Have you been up to now so dirty"

The dirty parts will become clean and the clean parts can be more clean.

●Example 1:The central portion of the rear seat

Dirt is terrible, have been removed tried to remove the dirt only half right

●Example 2:Front seat

not only dirty been but also glossy. improved almost completely, the shine dirt and dullness

●Example 3:Armrest

Before construction is terrible state. Improvements have been made almost completely here

Not damage for the leather as neutral.

In the cleaning of leather products, you can not use normal interior detergent.
The many interior detergents are the alkaline detergent. If you clean your leather products with the alkaline cleaning agents, it cause of "discoloration" and "yellowing".
This product is a neutral detergent friendly for leather.
You can care at secure and ease for leather goods such as leather seats.

We send this product, along with the point of construction for leather parts.
You are sitting always on the sheet. Try to take this opportunity to clean once? Surely impressed enjoy.
●Introducing usage.

"Leather Treatment", this can be used mainly in the following applications.

・Leather seat surface
・The surface of the leather dashboard
・Material such as leather interior portion of door
・Other parts of the leather surface
  • A dedicated cleaner for leather and leather case. Please avoid to the use of other materials.
    For cleaning of plastic parts and cloth products,please use the "ROOM CLEAN".
  • If you do, such as stain removal, etc. It is also possible if the material has deteriorated the situation is not improved.
  • After construction, please use a moisturizer for leather and leather wax.
    ・"ROOM WAX" for de-gloss protection
    ・ "LEATHER TREATMENT" for moisturizing agent
  • After construction, there is a risk of cracks without the care.

【1】 Moistened sponge with enough water and squeeze lightly.
【2】 Spray 3-5 push of the liquid onto the sponge and impregnated with this liquid.
【3】 Rub lightly like stroking on the dirty place.
【4】 Soon after you have dirt standing out, wipe with a clean moistured cloth. Make it dry.

Batch Information
Application: dedicated cleaner for leather
Liquid: Neutral
Ingredients: Non-ionic surfactants, chelating agents, preservatives, water