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Mild acid stains cleaner for car interior fabric




INTERIOR STAIN CLEANER 18000ml x1 (Use quantity : 5ml/car)


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No more stressful with stubborn stains of car interior.

Be user-friendly and car-friendly.

Save time and effort .
Interior Cleaner for Stain Removal !

"INTERIOR STAIN CLEANER" is developed for removing stains on fabric car seats or carpet.

Don't worry about damaging fiber materials or flawing fabrics.

○Use area
Fabric seats or sofa, floor mats, carpets, fabric wall or cieling, fabric products
■Example 1. "It gets dirty without being noticed・・"

You spilled something and stains are made while you do not know.
When the time passed, the stains become hard to remove. The best way is cleaning once you notice. But it is hard to remove, we would like to recommend this item.

Spray the product to damp cloth. Apply to the stain area and let the product penetrate.

The point of cleaning is rapping the damp cloth to the stain.

Giving a strong scrubing will damage the fabric. Please be kindly careful.

■Example 2. Also can be used with such dirty carpet like this!

This is car carpet.
Because it is the area that the shoes touch, it is easy to get dirty.

Some dirt can be removed with Alkaline "ROOM CLEAN" but some dirt cannot.

If you feel "This dirt is severe...", please try to use "INTERIOR STAIN CLEANER".

  • Some stubborn stains cannot be removed with the product.
    In case of deteriorated stian or dirt, INTERIOR STAIN CLEANER can improve condition.
  • INTERIOR STAIN CLEANER cannot be used with leather. In case of leather, please use "LEATHER CLEAN".
Break stain or dirt apart, make it easier to lift away and remove !

Some "stain removers" might use strong solvent that might damage materials.

Therefore, our product is developed for removing stains and focuses on

"Easy to use and safe"

We developed the product that is friendly to user and car.

"INTERIOR STAIN CLEANER" can break the stain apart and mak it easirer to lift away and remove.

Mild acidity component will remove the stains that cannot be removed by normal alkaline cleaner.

We developed the product with care as pro detailoer and manufacturer.

【1】 Spray the product 3-5 times to damp clean towel or cloth and let it penetrate.
【2】 Rap on the stain area and let the product penetrate into the stain.
【3】 Rub the stain lightly with clean part of the same damp cloth and wipe off.
【4】 Use another damp clean cloth to wipe off the stain area again.
【5】 Wipe down with dry cloth and let it dry.
In case of deep and stubborn stains, it is more effective to use BAMBOO BRUSH (sold seperately) instead of the cloth (of 1. instruction).

Batch Information
Use purpose: Cleaner for fabric products
Component: Silicone, Non-ionic detergent, Glycol solvent, Anticorrosive agents, Water