TitaCeran No.1 400ml

Product ID: 4121

The most advanced technology Oxidative decomposition, titanium oxide catalyst mechanism.




For hygiene purpose of the daily living environment.
(The Room, Curtain, Couch, Car seat, and many more material surround your living environment)
・ ph Level:6~7

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Features and Benefits

The technology we invent for your beautiful & comfortable living

Remove all kind of smell 
Produced with ultra-fine material as a sterilization & antibacterial deodorizer
Decompose noro virus, coli bacillus and avian influenza
The effect last about 3-6 month
Use for your bathroom with no window, trash box, problem with smoke and cigarette smell in rooms or cars, problem with smell of new building's, etc.

TitaCeran disinfectant deodorizer is adopting a titanium oxide catalyst for decomposing the malodorous molecules. It is developed by utilizing the photo catalytic technology

In common known photo catalyst. Decompose harmful substances into water and carbon dioxide by the light. Sterilization, deodorant, disinfectant, antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-fungal, pollution prevention, prevention of infection incurred while hospitalized, air purification, cutting-edge science in various applications such as water purification. Long last effect duration in one time application.