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Tap-mounted high-foaming gun cleaner






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Best friend for Foaming wash! Washing gently with wrapped foam.

Wash gently without scratching the paint surface!
Best friend for Foaming wash! Washing gently with wrapped foam♪
he foaming washing is the best way to wash gently your car.
This product is a easy to use foaming wash tool to enjoy at home.

Pour the solvent, simply attach hose directly to your home water, and you can put a large amount foam on your car.
The foam wrapping dirt and dust can wash gently your car without having to put scratches.
By washing with foam, bubble can wrap the sand and pebbles, wash gently without scratching the paint surface!
The cause of the wound on car is mainly by sand ,mud and pebbles, etc. attached to the painted surface.
When the car wash, it is important to rinse away sand and mud with strong water flow.

However, Is it enough?

If the dirt is dust, it may be washed away only by the pressure of water.In such a case they've been dry sticking such as sand and mud, only with water pressure of water, you could not wash away.

The important thing is wash with foam!
By washing with foam, bubble wraps the pebbles and sand, it can wash gently without scratching the paint surface.

As the conventional method, to put the detergent in a bucket and whip was general.
Of course, this way could not cause the problem. By using "FOAM GUN" which has been introduced here, you can spray in a short time much bubble to minimize the incidence of wound.
More! Car wash will be fun with "Foam Mouton car washing"

After blowing bubble by "FORM GUN", with what would should I wash?
Of course, this does not matter with a sponge, we would like to recommend to use “MOUTON GLOVE”.
Wash with “MOUTON GLOVE” benefits three point! ! !

If you wash with a sponge, and that remain in the surface sand and mud, which may cause scratches on the paint surface.
If you use Mouton, mud and sand entering deep into the wool ,so they might not have scratches on the surface.

Easy to wash the point where fine!
"MOUTON GLOVE", because the thickness is thin compared with the general car wash sponge, you can easily wash small gaps, in such as bumpers and front grille which are hard to wash with a sponge.
In addition, due to glove type, you can wash in the sense of bare hands to fit the hand.

Washable in a short time! Speed car wash
Like the photo on the right, compared with car wash sponge, “MOUTON GLOVE” is larger in size. Therefore, as a wash area at a time, the "MOUTON GLOVE " is wider.

The time to wash the entire body bring big difference.
By using the "MOUTON GLOVE", you could make a car wash time more shorter.

When used in combination the "MOUTON GLOVE " and "FOAM GUN", you will be able to ensure car wash easier and to do in a shorter period of time.
You can wash more gently your car .Pease use it.
●Dedicated professional car wash shampoo.
●You can coating while washing.

Such as car shampoo that are available in the market could be very dilute. Although you put it into “FOAM GUN”, it could not be bubbling as you wish.
Also, if you use kitchen detergent, there is a risk to occur stains.