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Tap-mounted shower head & joint






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Stop function prevent overflowing with water when remove the nozzle!

Without the need to stop the water when releasing the joint!
For Normal use in the car wash, of course
also convenient for hose mounting with High pressure washer and Foam gun!

Although I think many owners are using hose in car washing. The watering shower has been available?
Only if the use of hose, car wash in water will cause it to remain out.

As set of watering shower and hose, you can easily connect a hose and another hose without a wire or a band.
Since one-touch mounting of connectors and nozzle, be removed easily for anyone!

In addition, since the structure has also not have running water from the connector when remove the nozzle, it is possible for you to use a minimum of wasted water.
It can be used not only in normal car wash, but also in your home use such as gardening. Please use it.