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Cleaning sponge for leather & plastic







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Powerful cleaning for leather and plastic

Sponge type of wash tool to be formed by compressing the very fine fiber.
"CLEAN FORM" for the dirt clogged in leather or plastic material

"CLEAN FORM" is a sponge type of wash tool to be formed by compressing the very fine fiber.
It is possible to remove the dirt which could not be removed by wiping off with a rag or cloth.

Dirt that has entered into the surface roughness, the scratches and very slight unevenness of the material could hardly be removed by a rag or cloth.

I would like to introduce “CLEAN FORM. As described above, even though it looks alike a sponge, it is a mass of very fine fibers.
It’s fiber can remove out the dirt that caught in the rough and scratches.

Products alike “CLEAN FORM” has been sold as the same purpose. But "CLEAN FORM” has been developed for industrial applications, so compared with the products being sold in general, it has much more durability and higher performance because it has been highly compressed with more density.

“CLEAN FORM” is available with "LEATHER CLEAN " which you can remove the dirt on the leather materials such as leather seats. When used in combination with “ROOM CLEAN”, you can also remove stubborn stains on the plastic parts of the interior.
In addition, when used in combination with “SCALE CLEAN” or “BODY CLEAN”, you can easily remove caked dirt and water stain on the near area or edge of the door hinge.

This is a special product of our commitment. Please try it.
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