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Cleaning brush for unpainted plastic & fabric






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Clean unpainted malland bumper and cloth material.

Brushed microfiber can remove out the dirt.

Can clean the soft top of the open car (hood).
“CLEAN BRUSH” to clean unpainted mall and bumper and cloth material.
  When you need to remove the dirt caught in the material, such as plastic or cloth (fabric), we would like you to use is "CLEAN BRUSH".

You could hardly remove the white dirt caused with wax in the the unevenness of the unpainted malls and bumpers by just washing with a sponge and car wash shampoo.
Also you could hardly remove the stain soaked in the cloth seat if you would strongly wipe off with cloth or rag.

So we would like to recommend “CLEAN BRUSH”
As shown in the photograph on the left, "CLEAN BRUSH" has brushed microfiber on the surface of it.
The brushed microfiber can remove out the dirt fallen into the mall ,bumper and cloth seat.
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When you use on the wrong purpose, you can not get its full effect.
Please use all means to match them.