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Cleaning brush for fine gap






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"bamboo" as hand and "pig hair" as brush. Customers can use it at ease.

For cleaning of fine and narrow place.
You can clean narrow gap! "BAMBOO BRUSH" for cleaning

As we have received a lot of the requests, now we can offer the cleaning brush.
“How do I wash the clearance of the wheel?” I can not clean around the emblem” And so on.

We think many customers have been worried about the cleaning of small gap.

Brushes for cleaning have a different shape and material.
The material of the hand is plastic or steel wire or many something that. With respect to the brush part, there is even the hard chemical fiber which could damage the body surface.

Now we can offer new product made of "bamboo" as hand and of "pig hair" as brush.
So, customers can use it at ease.
Please use it at once.

We show the examples of using.
You can use it in various parts of fine gap of the body. I hope you'll see the reference.
 ●Body clearance
There are many gaps in the body.
Gap between the headlight and tail light such as turn signal lens.
In addition, the gap between glass and rubber of the window and the gap between the body panels.

These gaps, dirt such as water stain could penetrate to stick. These dirt is not easily removed with normal car wash shampoo and sponge.
Such the gap can be well cleaned by using of the brush.
 ●Around wiper
Also the area around the wipe is one of the dirty place, easy to accumulate fallen leaves and something like that.
You can well clean the gaps around the glass and rubber and the wiper mounting in a short time.
 ●Filler neck
In recent years, we have many self-service gas station and many owners do manipulate with the filler neck by themselves.
We suppose that there are so many owners who think “I hate to touch the filler neck because of the dirt"

It is one of the place having so much dirty coming. If without washing, there will remain the dirt accumulated for a long period of time and it could become rust(corrosion).
Before the accumulation, you had better to clean it regularly.
 ●Around the emblem
The near area around the emblem is easily getting the contaminants such as water stain.
Moreover, around the emblem, there are many very small gaps, so you could not clean them with sponge.
In such cases, it is essential to use the brush.

At first please use car shampoo such as "BODY CLEAN" or "SCALE CLEAN" water stain removal agent and please gently brushing the dirt while floating. You can also e to remove clotted water stain.
 ●Part of the door mounting
Also hinges attaching the doors and rear gate are difficult places to clean with washing sponge.
However, by using the brush, you can well clean the minor gap in the back part.
Speaking about the place of very time-consuming washing, cleaning of the wheel would be the most.
It is an place easily clogged with dirt and depending on the shape of the wheel, many small gap could not be reached to by a sponge.
In such a case, we recommend the brush.
There are, in recent years, many tires with designed groove engraved on the surface of it. So it is getting difficult for us to clean the dirt in the fine part of them by sponge.
There are many cars of which black tires look white with mud and dirt adhered on them.

In the cleaning of such tires, the use of the brush is very essential. After spraying cleaning agents, such as "WHEEL & TIRE CLEAN" shop, then brush carefully along the groove. You can be removed the dirt in the gaps.
 ●Tire House
You should clean the tire house.
Even if you clean the wheels and tires, you could see the muddy tire house between the tire and the body. We are able to see many these cars.

The car with well cleaned tire house looks very cool, we think.
 ●Engine room
In recent years, many wash the engine room. We have been offer the dedicated engine cleaner.
Also in the cleaning of the engine room, the use of brush is essential.
The dirt of small gap can be also cleaned out.
We want to keep clean at all times the interior which we directly touch by the hand.There are many small parts inside a car whose gap can not be reached with a sponge or a cloth.

Also for cleaning a car, brush for cleaning should be essential.
You can use in conjunction with dedicated cleaning agents and you can do easily the room care.
 ●We would like to introduce more cases.
We put many construction cases and skilled techniques in the articles on the diary of our construction department.
This is really helpful for you, so please read them.
Please use the appropriate cleaner that is subject to the construction.
You can not only easily remove out by floating the dirt, but also sustain scratches.
It should be noted that even with the use of the cleaner, if you put on excessive power in brushing, it may cause scratches.
We offer three types of the size of the brush.

[BAMBOO BRUSH L size (long hair)] adopted Nylon hair, [BAMBOO BRUSH Lsize], [BAMBOO BRUSH Ssize] adopted Pig hair
I hope that you might select appropriate one according to the application.

For cleaning of secluded
[BAMBOO BRUSH (L) long hair(white)]

【Product size】
・Pattern- part
 L 315mm×W 20mm×T 7mm
 L 65mm×W 15mm
 length of hair 40mm

●More details〈here〉

For cleaning of wide range

【Product size】
・Pattern- part
 L 315mm×W 20mm×T 7mm
 L 65mm×W 15mm
 length of hair 20mm

●More details〈here〉

For cleaning of fine and narrow place

【Product size】
・Pattern- part
 L 200mm×W 12mm×T 5mm
 L 35mm×W 10mm
 length of hair 15mm

●More details〈here〉