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Brush for car carpet and floor mats







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For cleaning the interior such as sheets and carpet!

With "horse hair", you can well remove out stains, sand and dirt.
For cleaning the interior such as sheets and carpet!

How do you clean the dirt adhered to the lining of the seat or door and the sand and mud caught in the carpet floor?

There should be many owners who are wiping off very hard with a cloth in the cleaning.

However, the dirt fallen into the material and the clotted stain on it are very difficult to remove by wiping only.

We have the dedicated interior cleaner "ROOM CLEAN" with which you could remove that dirt in some degree.
However, even using this cleaner, some stain and the dirt in some material could not removed by wiping.

So, let me introduce "CARPET & SEAT BRUSH" to demonstrate the power to clean the carpet and sheets of the fabric materials (woven).

As not to scratch the interior, the hand part is made of tree material.
In addition, with "horse hair", you can well remove out stains ,sand and dirt.

I think this is one of the essential litems to clean the car.
I hope you will try it.



When you use this product, please use the appropriate cleaner is subject to construction.
You can not only be easily removed by floating the dirt, but also can suppress generation of scratches.
It should be noted that even with the use of the cleaner, if you do the power brushing, it may cause scratches on the material. Please note to have appropriate power in brushing.