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Coating sponge for TIRE CRYSTAL






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The best sponge for coating and wax on tire.

With a back plate on the sponge,very easy to handle and to coat at every corner.
Ideal for application of coating or wax to tires! "SPONGE FOR TIRE CRYSTAL"

“SPONGE FOR TIRE CRYSTAL” has been developed for the purpose on applying “TIRE CRSTAL”

It has a two-layer structure pasted with 2 materials; The pedestal(the blue part )which is hard to be penetrated with solvent and the soft and thin sponge (black part).

Because it has the pedestal on one side ,it is easy to handle and allow to coat on every corners.
As it can apply the agent uniformly, you can get the maximum performance of the wax and the coating.

By coating with the “SPONGE FOR TIRE CRYSTAL”, it makes possible the uniform coating and the successful finish.

In addition, it will be very useful for the coating on gum parts. We would like to recommend to use.
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Very useful and convenient tool if you have.
The finish is surprisingly different from and better than when you did not use it. Please use it at once.