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Cleaning brush for fine gap






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The helpful item for cleaning the narrow gaps.

It is easy to use with easy-to-handle shape.

Any narrow gaps can be handily cleaned with the soft bristles.

It is easy to store with one-palm size.
"Mini Soft Brush" for cleaning narrow gap with fine brush bristle !

It is the fact that cleaning tools for car interior are hardly sold.

"Soft Brush" was developed for car interior cleaning to clean narrow gap that can't reach with your hands.

Good combination between a familiar wood handle and elastic brush bristles.

Plastic parts in car interior design tend to have narrow gutters or gaps that collect dust easily.

The dust can be removed with the elastic brush bristles of "Soft Brush".
It is easy to use with the size of one palm.

This item uses soft and fine bristle that hardly has possibility of scratching.
Don't worry that the brush will damage the important parts of your car.

It is light and easy to handle.

Please try to use at the narrow gap that you can't reach with your hands !!
Gaps between windows and trim
If you leave gaps around windows dirty, it can cause open and close failure.

Just insert the brush bristle into the narrow gap and sweep the dust away.
Air conditioner outlet
Air conditioner outlet allows dust to collect on the interior surface.

If car care is not enough, the air conditioner will become a breeding ground for bacteria when you switch on it. ・・・・

Give car air-conditioner a good clean to keep the air in the car cleaner.
Interior door panel
There are a lot of narrow gap in the interior door panel such as door armrest, side pocket, etc.

If you use along with the cleaner, the room care will be more perfect.
The problem is that it is difficult to reach the narrow gap between the windshield and the dashboard.

Actually the dirt on the boundary between the dashboard and the windshield is noticable when you see from outside.

That's why the professional car room cleaning focuses on the narrow gap.

"Soft Brush" was designed for cleaning the narrow gap.
You can reach and clean the narrow gap of the dashboard with the brush.

Of course, the gap on dashboard design can also be cleaned handily with "Soft Brush"


The bristles are of the same length and are arranged neatly. It is easy to insert into the gap.

The handle was designed for easy-to-handle shape.

It is mini size that you can store anywhere.
【Product Size】

・Handle: Length 60mm× Width 15~35mm×Height 9mm
・Bristles: Lenght 33mm× Width 30mm
It can also be used for cleaning desk, computer keyboard, etc !!