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Vinyl plastic with tape to cover some parts







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Must-have for protecting the sensitive parts before polishing or coating.
Easy-to-use for everyone to protect the car as professional.

2 types with different length for using properly with your work.
It will be good if I have one “Masking Tape with Plastic Sheet”.

“CORONA MASKER” a masking tape with plastic sheet that helps your polishing work go smoothly.

When you start polishing, dust particles from polishing compound or polishing machine will be generated. And when the dust sticks to the plastic and rubber parts, the parts will become white.

Sometimes the white dirt cannot be removed with car wash shampoo. Therefore it is important to protect the sensitive parts in advance before polishing!

In case of small area, there is no problem to protect with masking tape. But in case of wide area such as entire car window or uneven area such as wiper, “CORONA MASKER” is perfect.

Newspaper has been traditionally used for protection but if you are not familiar with it, it will take up a great deal of time before polishing.

“CORONA MASKER” is easy-to-use for everyone to protect the car as professional.

Moreover it also works when you use long-term coating such as “CRYSTAL GLOW” or “BUMPER CRYSTAL”.
Please select properly according to purpose of use.We have 2 types with different length of plastic sheet!

There are many areas with various sizes that need to be protected with “CORONA MASKER”

“CORONA MASKER” can be used in various purposes with different length of the plastic sheet.