MASKING TAPE 18mm x 7 pieces x10 Set

Product ID: 226-10p

Tape for protecting or seal some parts




MASKING TAPE 18mm x 7 pieces x10 set x1


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Item for successful finish on coating and polishing work.

To protect gum and plastic parts from adherering cured chemicals and miss polish.
Necessities for successful polishing with confidence! "MASKING TAPE"
Speaking of necessities for polishing work, we think we should name "MASKING TAPE " at first.

I think many owners know that when you use polishing compound (abrasive ),you might sometimes polish plastic and rubber parts itself, which would become white.
When black parts become white, it might bring very bad impression on the car as a whole.

In addition, the rubber parts and plastic parts which became white with the compound could not be improved by usual car washing with car shampoo.
Therefore, a protective preparation with “MASKING TAPE” will be important before polishing work.
In addition, the protective preparation with the "MASKING TAPE" is a very effective preparation at the construction of “durable type coating agent”.。
Coating agent, such as "MALL CRYSTAL", "WINDOW CRYSTAL" or "WHEEL CRYSTAL" make a very strong film after cure.
If adhered to rubber, as it had cured, the removal work could be considered very difficult.

If you wipe off immediately, there is no problem in most cases.
But if you have any anxiety, please use the masking tape before coating of durable type as well as polishing work.

Please select according to the application among three different types of three width!

The place to do the protective preparation with the "masking tape" is a bumper, headlights and gaps between the panels, etc.
To do the preparation on a variety of places, you had better to use several kinds of different widths.